647 Franklin Blvd, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 7Z1


The C.C.F.C. serves the francophone community of Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph which is approximately 6,000, while the town of Cambridge itself counts approximately 2,000 Francophones.

We offer you this website in order for you to get to know our community and we hope that you will be happy to learn what the C.C.F.C. has to offer.


  • To work towards the conservation of francophone heritage and culture.
  • To promote social, cultural, sporting, economic and religious activities among the Francophones of Cambridge and surroundings.
  • To promote the conservation and expansion of the French language and French Canadian heritage in our sector.
  •  To support our francophone community in Ontario.


  • To collaborate with other local or regional groups that have similar missions.
  • To help the development of a healthy and vibrant francophone community.
  • To promote bilingualism between the francophone and Anglophone communities.
  • To coordinate, develop and encourage activities done in the French language.
  • To encourage the mutual comprehension and friendship between the French and other cultural communities.


Among the first French-speaking people to come to live in Galt the majority where from St Fabien de Panet.

In September 1958 a group of friends decided to form a hockey league made up of two teams. With the invaluable financial assistance of Mr. Domenica Filion this project became a reality. This was the beginning of French social activities in Galt. In 1960, a bowling league emerged. In 1961, the French Canadian Social Club came to life, thanks to the participation of the members of the hockey and bowling leagues. The first social activity to take place was a Halloween dance in October of 1961. In 1969, the French Canadian Social Club bought the current property the Centre is now located on. There was only a house and a hen house. It was there in “the hen house” that many meetings and friendly evenings took place, where it was good to go to fraternize in French.

In 1971 a division within the community occurred and two clubs were founded, the French Club St-Noël Chabanel and the Centre Sportif Français. After some discussions the two clubs met again in December 1980 to form the “Centre Communautaire Francophone de Cambridge (C.C.F.C.)” with more than 500 members.

As the activities continued to increase the hen house became too small for the C.C.F.C. It was time to think about building a larger hall. Through raffles, sports tournaments and fundraisers the necessary funds are raised for the new proposal. The C.C.F.C. succeeded in collecting half of the necessary amount. It was with pride that in June of 1985 the francophones entered their Centre officially.

It was thanks to the members of the various councils of administration and to all the members who helped that the C.C.F.C is now our Centre.